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80° West was an idea that developed between two good friends during a particularly wild winter in Cornwall, UK. It is about adventures & research. 

We want to show that it is possible to combine these elements in a meaningful way and create a collaborative platform to enable others to do the same.

Our aim is to drive a 1989 Land Rover Defender from New York across to Alaska and then down to Argentina whilst we are doing our research. 

Come and join in on this journey and see what we are getting up to. Click on the social media links and blog for more regular updates.



Hi, I'm Richie, a medical doctor from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have been living and working in Cornwall, UK for the last few years. I've taken time out of work to explore & see what the world has to offer.

My main research interest is liver disease, in particular hepatitis E. We are unsure how much of an issue it is in the Americas and I am curious to find out. I work with teams worldwide and I'm keen to get people involved in all aspects of research.

Time to live the adventure!



Hello, I am Dan, a medical doctor in Bristol, UK. I have been doing my best to explore the world at every opportunity since before university. 

I am a keen rock climber in the summer and fanatical snowboarder in the winter. I cannot wait to get acquainted with that great ribbon of mountains that lines our trip.

My last big trip was Cornwall to Cape Town in 2013, high time for a new undertaking!



Adventures in Research...

are for everyone and we feel it should be encouraged early in a career. Long gone are the days that it is only for academics and for those looking to get a step ahead.

We work by 3 main rules of what research should be: meaningful, publishable and fun. Why? if you are doing the work and it is of good quality then it can only add to our understanding and progression of a field. This is our opportunity to help advance an area that we take interest in.

One of the most important points for us is that it has to be fun. This helps with developing lasting collaborations and friendships.

Research has the potential to be full of adventure, travel, experiencing new cultures and developing ourselves.

Sometimes you have to go looking for an opportunity and others may find you, either way do not let them pass you by.






some of our Projects

Hepatitis E virus
Cornwall Campus Research Group
Adventures in Research


Give it a go...

If reading this has made you want to get involved in an existing project, collaborate or you would like some advice then please do send us a message.